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Connecting for Care

The Behavioral Health Consultation Portal provides real-time, peer-to-peer child psychiatry consultative guidance to primary care providers for youth with mental and behavioral health concerns.

Access to child psychiatry has been a significant problem nationwide for years, as documented in the Surgeon General's report of 2000. Meanwhile, 1 in 5 youth experience a significant mental or behavioral health problem, and pediatric primary care providers are often at the front lines of initial screening, assessment, and the treatment of these disorders. (CDC 2018)

The UCSF Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Portal is a child psychiatry access program designed to meet the ever-increasing needs of pediatric primary care practices (PCP) serving as front-line care providers for mental health. CAPP aims to increase access to necessary mental health care by improving PCP's knowledge, skills and confidence to manage mild-moderate, commonly occurring behavioral health conditions, thereby supporting rational utilization of child psychiatry resources for more complex presentations, and supporting increased integration of pediatric primary and behavioral health care. 

CAPP Connecting for Care (Video 02:30)


CAPP consultation helps to address Provider Burnout, so that you can keep your FQHC staff around, which is beneficial for everyone.  I think if there is a pressure to see volume, you get compassion fatigue.  You start feeling more unsure that you're actually making a difference, or how to really do that effectively.  Having resources and tools available increases your feeling of confidence and willingness to keep trying and not to just send everybody to the emergency room.  It makes you want to schedule that 2 week follow up appointment and squeeze them in.​”

Tamiko Kido MD

The CAPP program has been an absolute godsend. Advice has been on-point, clearly stated and given in a timely fashion. The return call from the psychiatrist is very quick and is always followed by a written consult note. One of my favorite parts of the service is that I am never made to feel ignorant or off-base in my thinking. Everyone has been so supportive. I have learned so much and my patients’ psychiatric care has dramatically improved.

Barbara Botelho, MD


We promote pediatric mental health and wellness through consultation, education, resource navigation and innovation throughout California's communities. ​


We are collaboratively transforming pediatric healthcare, in order to advance the health and emotional well-being for California's youth. ​


We value equity, inclusivity, diversity, partnership, inter-professionalism, prevention, and stigma-free access to care for all.