About Us

Our UCSF psychiatrist and psychologist faculty support primary care providers (PCPs), their patients and patient families with timely, attuned and practical case-specific guidance. This includes screening, assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning, and guidance on resources and referrals. 

Our faculty have specialized expertise in a number of areas, including ADHD, anxiety, depression and other mood disorders, development disorders, and trauma-related disorders, as well as eating disorders, gender dysphoria, and substance use disorders. 

In addition to child psychiatry consultation, we also offer one-time consultation with a UCSF psychologist through the UCSF CAPP Second-step Psychologist Consultation service, as well as continuing medical education for PCPs on commonly presenting conditions, in order to improve their knowledge and confidence in managing pediatric mental and behavioral health conditions. 


We promote pediatric mental health and wellness through consultation, education, resource navigation and innovation throughout California's communities. 


We are collaboratively transforming pediatric healthcare, in order to advance the health and emotional well-being for California's youth.  


We value equity, inclusivity, diversity, partnership, inter-professionalism, prevention, and stigma-free access to care for all.  

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