2021-2022 Upcoming Webinars, 2nd Thursday, 12:10-1pm.  

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October 14th, 2021
Applying a Developmental Lens to Pediatric Mental Health 
Stephen Hinshaw, PhD 

November 18th, 2021
Michelle Riederer, MD 

December 9th, 2021
Suiciality/Self harm
Hohui Wang, MD & Shelly Nakaishi, NP 

January 12th, 2022
Petra Steinbuchel, MD 

February 10th, 2022
Lauren Schumacher, MD 


Webinar Recordings

July 8th, 2021
Back to School Part 1: Anxiety 
Samantha Fordwood, PhD and Lauren Schumacher, MD 

August 12th, 2021
Back to School Part 2: Learning Issues 
Melanie Callen, MEd 

September 9th, 2021
Principles of Psychopharmacology 
Robert Hendren, DO 


Past Webinars (name and email are requested for the first view, and then email only thereafter):  

Substance Use

May 7, 2021
UCSF YoSUP Webinar: Evidence Based Guidance Pediatricians Can Give Parents When Parents Present With Concerns Regarding Their Child's Substance Use 
Matthew Meyers, MD, MPH and Emily Tejani, MD 

February 26, 2021
Youth Outpatient Substance Use Program Presents: A Brief Discussion About Cannabis Use and Related Issues: How to Help Teens and Families
Emily Tejani, MD and Brittany Badal, MD 

December 4, 2020​
Providing Medical Care for Youth with Opioid Use Disorders: A Collaborative Discussion to Practical Issues and Treatment Approaches in Primary Care
Veronika Mesheriakova, MD and Emily Tejani, MD 


Trauma Informed Pediatric Care Training | ACEs Aware: Webinar Program

October 10, 2020
1. Recognizing and Addressing Childhood Trauma, Particularly In COVID-19
    Dayna Long, MD 
2. Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) Principles
     Saun-Toy Trotter, MFT and Ken Epstein, LCSW, PhD
3. Role Play/Discussion
    Joan Jeung, MD, MPH and Jen Leland MFT
4. "Early Adopter" Panel Discussion
5. Panel Discussion: Community Resources
6. Stepped Care Model to Address the Impact of COVID-Related Change on Emotional Wellness and ACEs
    Petra Steinbuchel, MD
7. How Children Heal From Trauma
    Alicia Lieberman, PhD


Primary Care Webinar (2019)

October 26, 2019
ADHD in Primary Care
Lauren Schumacher MD 

Pediatric Depression in Primary Care Settings
Michelle Riederer, MD

Mental and Behavioral Health in Pediatric Primary Care & COVID-19 Webinar Series

Early in the summer of 2020, CAPP hosted a weekly webinar series on pediatric mental and behavioral health concerns in the context of COVID-19. Topics included: anxiety and behavioral concerns, trauma-informed care, and depressive symptoms. Recordings of these webinars are available below.

Addressing Parenting Stress During COVID-19
Joan Jeung, MD, MPH, and Petra Steinbuchel, MD


Working With Anxious Youth During COVID-19
Allison Libby, PsyD


Addressing Depressive Symptoms in Children and Adolescents
Michelle Riederer, MD


Parent Guidance on Screen Time and Sleep for Youth
Jeein Yoon, MD


Trauma-Informed Care 101
Shelly Nakaishi, NP; Miriam Rhew, MD, MPH; and Joan Jeung, MD

Parent Guidance for Emotional Distress in Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers
Barbara Ivins, PhD