CAPP aims to increase access to behavioral health by expanding primary care providers’ (PCP) knowledge base and level of comfort in treating children with behavioral health concerns. CAPP provides free peer-to-peer consultation, education, and resource navigation to providers enrolled.  

CAPP services include:  

  • Phone consultation to primary care providers (PCPs)  
  • One-time consultation with psychologist for families (if applicable) 
  • Training and education  
  • Resource navigation



Real-time, direct connect consultation between PCP and CAPP psychiatrist offers case-specific guidance on screening, assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning, and access to resources and referrals. Please contact us: Monday through Friday, 9am – 5pm.  


Direct-connect consultation for primary care providers

CAPP offers real-time, patient specific consultation with a child and adolescent psychiatrist to PCPs who need advice for patients with behavioral health concerns including guidance related to:

  • Screening, assessment, and diagnosis 
  • Medication management 
  • Treatment planning and resource recommendations  


Second-step Psychologist consultation for families

Patients and families may access a one-time consultation with a UCSF psychologist through the UCSF CAPP Second-step Psychologist Consultation service:

  • An opportunity for families to speak directly to a knowledgeable psychologist for clarification of underlying behavioral and mental health concerns, parent guidance on behaviors and navigating next steps 
  • We are available by Zoom or phone, depending upon family’s preference


This consultation does not include: 

  • A comprehensive psychological evaluation or testing for your child  
  • A definitive diagnosis  
  • Long-term therapy for your child or family  
  • Guaranteed linkage to services  
  • Emergency evaluation for urgent or life-threatening situations  



CAPP supports managing behavioral health concerns in the primary care setting through peer-to-peer consultation and training of primary care providers in a collaborative care model, Project ECHO training model, Continuing Medical Education (CME) events, networking and peer support. 

Check out our Education section for more information. 



CAPP provides resources to primary care providers through screening tools, diagnostic resources, and community resources. CAPP also provides information for families on diagnoses, treatment, and navigating community resources through written information, online, and video resources. 

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